Wild October

I enjoy a theme for taking snapshots,  especially when posting photographs on Twitter. A theme inspires me to be mindful and keep a look out, simplifies sharing with others, and also makes it easier to enjoy a nostalgic retrospective using  search queries.

After #365DaysWild,  #30DaysWild and  #MyAutumn,  the next theme was  #WildOctober. I thought that taking a photo every day might be an interesting challenge – as Autumn winds inevitably into Winter I wondered if there would be much activity to record.

I was delighted that,  by the end of the month, I had been able to experience some marvellous moments,  and an abundance of life still at large. I was particularly surprised by the numbers of  flowers and insects that remained well into the month, as well as the mild weather and temperatures. As it turned out, October 2016 was quite a warm and dry month compared to averages.

Below is a gallery of some of the many pictures I took for my Wild October.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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