Challenge accepted

In March 2017 I took part in the 5×50 Challenge, a terrific initiative aimed at encouraging physical activity through a commitment to exercising for 50 consecutive days. I was pleased to have completed the challenge by committing to 5 km of activity every single day, and I achieved this through a mixture of indoor and outdoor exercise. Over the course of the challenge I achieved three milestones that I am very proud of: I completed over 600 km, I achieved my personal best time for a 5 km run, and I hit my weight loss target 12 stone) that I had set myself after a very lazy start to the year.

Over 22,000 challengers have taken part so far, raising £300, 000 for good causes and achieving an incredible 2.3 million kilometers. That’s the equivalent of three return trips to the moon, or almost 60 times around the circumference of our planet.

Challenges like these are wonderful if, like me, you need that extra motivation. Life is so busy with work, studies, and other responsibilities that it can be very hard to find time to enjoy being active and getting outside. Being active and engaging with the outdoors are so essential for mental and physical well-being, and the support from others in the 5×50 community is so encouraging too – the next challenge starts on 5th May, so why not join us if you can? You can sign up here!

Here’s a small selection of some the activities I have enjoyed during the last 5×50 Challenge – you can see many more inspiring ideas on my Twitter feed here.

Sports at youth club
Walking at lunch time
Hiking in Glen Fruin
A walk along the shore
A hike in the Glen Ample hills

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