#30DaysWild 2017

Tomorrow,  the annual Wildlife Trust initiative to promote everyday access to wildlife and the outdoors begins. It runs throughout June and is a simple premise – find a single moment in your day to be mindful and appreciative of nature, and take some time to invite wild things into your life.

It’s accessible to everyone, whether you live in the countryside or inner city, and last year I was able to extend my 30DaysWild experience into a 365DayWild marathon that opened my eyes to the nature all around in a more intimate and detailed way than I had ever imagined.

This year I will be focusing on integrating 30DaysWild into my role as a youth worker. I am in the process of establishing a “Wildlife Watch” community group, based at Callander Youth Project, which will inspire, guide and support local young people aged 11 and upwards to discover their wild side, and already have an enthusiastic group of girls and boys who are itching to go pond dipping, bat-detecting and nestbox-building, and I hope to encourage more interest and excitement.

For this year’s 30DaysWild, I will be seeking fun and educational activities throughout June to engage the young people, and hope that the fab 30DaysWild community will inspire many wonderful ideas for me to passed on to the group. I can’t wait to see what the next 30 days will have in store, and I’m looking forward to all the amazing ideas and pictures!

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