#30DaysWild 2020

June is a fantastic month for a number of reasons. It heralds the official beginning of summer time and the promise of longer drier days, and is also the month when The Wildlife Trust’s launch their annual 30 Days Wild campaign. I look forward to this every year: although I enjoy being a little bit wild every day, the campaign offers an opportunity to share activity with others and engage with people who have only just started daily, mindful appreciation for wildlife and nature. If you haven’t signed up already, please join in!

This year, for obvious virus related reasons, 30 Days Wild requires a different tack. In previous years I have enjoyed using it as a way to stimulate adventure and exploration, and to go looking for the unusual or the extreme. This year, immersed as we are in varying degrees of “lockdown” or “social distancing”, I’m taking the opportunity to reflect on what I can find just beyond my doorstep – in the garden, in fact.

Every day for the next thirty days I will be sharing tips and advice on welcoming wildlife into our gardens, in the hope that it might bring a little bit of wild joy into other people’s lives. Being able to look out of my window and enjoy the plants, birds and other creatures has played a big part in overcoming the isolation and weirdness of the last few months.

I’m certainly not an expert, but I’ve enjoyed great success in creating wildlife-friendly spaces in my little patch, and I hope that in some small way I can encourage others to think about doing the same.

I’ll be sharing here and over at 365DaysWild.org, as well as Twitter– do let me know if you find any of the ideas useful or inspirational!

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